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Marshall FrankMarshall E. Frank retired from Chem Systems, where he was President and Managing Director, responsible for international consulting activities in North and South America and Asia Pacific. During his more than thirty years with the company, he had technical and administrative responsibility for a large number of multidisciplinary projects, both single-client and multi-client sponsored. Mr. Frank’s areas of expertise include natural gas utilization and conversion, the petrochemical industry, the refining and petrochemical interface, and alternative fuels. He also directed Chem Systems’ Financial Practice, which provided assistance to lenders in assessing the various risks associated with the financing of major international energy, petrochemical, and polymer projects. Prior to joining Chem Systems, Mr. Frank was involved in process evaluation, process engineering, and the startup of many of Halcon/SD’s proprietary processes at Scientific Design Company. Mr. Frank received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.

New Gas-To-Liquid Alternatives

Presently there are only six full-scale Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) plants operating in the world and all of these are based on the process discovered by two German chemists, Dr. Franz Fischer and Dr. Hans Tropsch almost a hundred years

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Renewable Jet Fuel Tested on a Commercial Airline

On November 14, Alaska Airlines used a 20% blend of cellulosic-based jet fuel on a flight from Seattle to Washington DC. Feedstock for the jet fuel was forestry wastes that were converted into sugars at Washington State University which leads

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California Leads the Way in Reducing Carbon Emissions

With the recent signing of its Climate Change Legislation and its Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), California has embarked on historic steps to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. On September 8, 2016, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Senate Bill 32

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US Ethylene Plant Development; Announcement, Plans, and New Technology

Appalachian Region Just over a year ago, in June 2015, Shell Chemical received approval from Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection to proceed with its plans to build an ethane cracker in Beaver County, Pa. (see my October

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Will U.S. Methanol Exports to China Help Alleviate Its Water Shortage?

It is well known that China is facing a water crisis. With 20% of the world’s population, China has only 7% of the world’s fresh water. According to Liu Changming, a retired hydrologist for the Chinese Academy of Science, four

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Three Carbon Dioxide Utilization Technologies

With the global effort underway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, most activities focus on carbon capture and storage (CCS). These technologies involve scrubbing CO2 from the flue gasses of facilities using fossil fuels such as power plants and cement

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Will the Chinese Still Build their US-Based Methanol Plants?

Last March, I wrote about several Chinese companies planning to build methanol plants in the United States with the purpose of shipping the product to China for use as feedstock in the Methanol to Olefins (MTO) plants constructed or currently

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U.S. is Making Progress in Reducing Methane Emissions

In August 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new regulations for the oil and gas industries to cut emissions of methane into the atmosphere. These new regulations would have oil and gas drillers and operators: Finding and repairing

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EPA Finalizes Renewable Fuel Standards for 2014 to 2016 and Biodiesel for 2017

As follow-up to my June 23rd blog, on November 30th, the EPA issued the volume requirements and associated percentage standards for conventional and advanced biofuels for 2014, 2015, and 2016 in the United States. The volume requirement for biomass-based diesel,

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Shell Chemical’s Appalachian Petrochemical Complex Based on Marcellus Shale Gas Moves Closer to Fruition

Back in 2011, Shell Chemical received strong local support when it announced plans to build an ethylene and derivatives petrochemical complex based on the large quantities of ethane being produced and available from Marcellus Shale natural gas production. At the

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