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Bob PearsonBob Pearson is an independent petroleum engineering consultant, working primarily in Canada and the Australia, Asia Pacific Region. He acts as an Advisor to RPS Energy on coal bed methane (CBM), Shale and Tight Gas, as well as on other conceptual engineering and evaluations for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Developments. Bob began his career in 1970 as a Production and Well Engineer with Shell International in Southeast Asia and the North Sea and later worked for Petro-Canada in Western Canada and the Canadian Frontiers. In 1983, he began consulting with APA Petroleum Engineering Inc (now part of RPS Energy Canada Ltd). In 2007, Bob returned to Southeast Asia, first as the Operational Director of the RPS Energy consulting team in Singapore, and then for CBM/CSG services in Southeast Asia and Australia. In recent years, he has been heavily involved in sub-surface peer reviews and development plan audits for major Unconventional and Frontier Projects, on behalf of both Operators and Lenders. He has been a Distinguished lecturer for the SPE and facilitates several integrated development planning workshops every year for IHRDC. He is a registered professional engineer with APEGA in Alberta, Canada; and the Board of Professional Engineers in Queensland. He is an active member of SPE Calgary Section.

Exploiting Data Analytics – What a Difference a Year Makes!

I started writing this blog about a year ago under the working title “Big Data is Watching You – But why isn’t it working for you?” But lots of players had similar thoughts after viewing the infomercials and exhibits by

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Managing One’s Own Competency and Professional Development in Tough Times

This is the sixth time I have been under-employed in my career. The oil price pendulum has that impact! To date, this is neither the longest nor toughest downturn, it just feels that way. Amazingly, however, some

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Seeing the Big Picture as the Smoke Clears

The Fort McMurray fire highlights how privileged most North Americans, Oil Sector workers, and oil industry support service providers are to live in a region where Emergency Response Plans and Services are so well organized and coordinated. It has also

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Unconventional Thinking

After attending the SPE Conferences on Unconventionals in Calgary and Brisbane at the end of last year, I am blown away by: What the joint ventures in Australia have achieved over the last eight years in making Coal Seam Gas

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Exciting Times for the Queensland Gas Industry

The world’s first coal bed methane (CBM), or coal seam gas (CSG) as it is called in Australia, is the gas source for an LNG facility started-up in late December 2014. The BG Group affiliate, QGC, began loading the first

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Are We Trained to Win Community Support in the Fracture Stimulations Debate?

In every impassioned debate there is aseed of truth hidden within the rhetoric from both protagonists. I have been working on Tight Gas Projects for more than 30 years and have assisted with mentoring and training Subsurface Engineers and Planning Teams

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