Year: 2015

As U.S. Tight Oil Production Grows, Can the Nation’s Refineries Process It or Will It Soon be Exported?

During the past ten years, thanks to hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells and the high cost of crude oil, the U.S. has gone from being the world’s largest importer of petroleum products to the leading exporter of these same products

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The Dilemma of Greenhouse Gas Campaigns

I had the fascinating opportunity of meeting and listening to Dr. Michael Mann at Penn State University a few weeks ago as he explained how he and other investigators (Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes) discovered the “hockey stick” rise in

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Shell Chemical’s Appalachian Petrochemical Complex Based on Marcellus Shale Gas Moves Closer to Fruition

Back in 2011, Shell Chemical received strong local support when it announced plans to build an ethylene and derivatives petrochemical complex based on the large quantities of ethane being produced and available from Marcellus Shale natural gas production. At the

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The Sun Shines in Nevada, and the Wind Blows in Nebraska: Renewable Energy Has Become an Attractive Investment

I still find it hard to believe. A friend of mine told me a year ago that he had just built a 350 MW solar farm in Nevada that is 2 miles by 3 miles in extent. I was even

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Managing the Invisible Diversity in the Oil and Gas Industry

The workforce challenges faced today by the oil and gas industry’s Human Resources managers are very different from those of the past. The increasing number of women in the today’s workforce brings major new issues that must be handled with

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Challenges to EPA’s Revised Renewable Fuel Standard Requirements

Just before the required deadline of June 1, 2015, the EPA issued proposed percentage standards of renewable fuels for the years 2014 through 2016. The annual volumes associated with the percentage standards are substantially below the volumes established by Congress

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Helping Your Audience Become Better Listeners: Two Keys for Delivering a Memorable Message

Don’t take offense, but your audience does not hang on your every word when you deliver a business presentation. Research shows that people’s minds wander about every 22 seconds — no matter how powerful the message. One reason is because

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Oil Price Puts a Hold on Sasol’s Westlake GTL Project

With crude oil prices hovering around $50 – $60 per barrel, Sasol announced on Jan. 28 2015 that they are delaying a final investment decision on their proposed 96,000 bpd GTL Project in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. This GTL project is

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US Monetary Policy, Junk Bonds and the Collapse of the Oil Price

The twin technologies of directional drilling of wells and fracturing rock formations to stimulate recovery of oil and gas are widely known and have been utilized for decades in the industry. It is only relatively recently that these technologies have

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Training Need Not Fall Off a Cliff As It Did In 1986!

It has often been said that a CEO can quickly increase margins and the bottom line by slashing two divisions of a company: Product Development and Training & Development.  This essentially sacrifices the future for the present, but the demands

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