Carbon Dioxide Process Delivers Nanotubes and Water

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After reading Marshall Frank’s Three Carbon Dioxide Utilization Technologies, we identified another promising CO2 feedstock process that promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solid Carbon Products LLC

Solid Carbon Products of Provo, Utah has developed a catalytic process for using hydrogen, or methane, and CO2, as solid carbon productsfeedstocks, to form nanotubes and water. The nanotubes can then be used to form many different composites including cement, aluminum, and steel that are reported to be one-third lighter and three times stronger. The bench scale plant is producing good products, and the developer has recently received EPA approval for its process for handling the produced nanotubes. Scaling up to larger plants is now underway. This process offers a significant way to use CO2 to manufacture revolutionary products.

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David Donohue

Dr. David A. T. Donohue is the Founder and President of both IHRDC and Arlington Storage Corporation. Dr. Donohue is a technical specialist, businessman, attorney, and lecturer who is highly regarded for the teaching of management programs devoted to the business of oil and gas. He has successfully designed and taught these “business game” programs to more than 10,000 members of the international oil and gas industry on both in-house and public bases. He was the developer of an innovative video-based learning system for the upstream petroleum industry, which has now been converted to IPIMS, a widely licensed e-Learning system. Dr. Donohue is also the developer and owner of independent underground gas storage facilities in New York State. In his early career he held various positions in engineering and research for Exxon and, for four years, served on the faculty of Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Donohue holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. from Boston College Law School. He is active in public affairs in his hometown, a Distinguished Member of the SPE, and Alumni Fellow of Pennsylvania State University.

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