The First Step in a Long Journey

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I remember it well even though it occurred about 10 years ago. An oil and gas industry manager from West Africa said to me at the conclusion of our four-week petroleum industry management program, “Please find a way to help us keep up with what is going on in our industry. We have learned so much in this program. Now, we need a way to remain current.”

The idea has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Then, with the rise of social media, a way to meet my friend’s suggestion began to materialize. Beginning about three years ago a group of our younger employees began a concerted effort to convince me and others that we should become active in social media, especially with the issuance of a corporate blog. They also told me that if we published a blog, we needed to publish a new post every other week or so.

“Wow!” I said, “That’s a lot of work. Who is going to write them? Who will read them? What will be our main focus?” After some considerable discussion the answers began to evolve. The focus of the blog would be broad and responsive to the expressed need of my West African friend. We have named it “Perspectives on the Oil and Gas Business,” and it will focus on petroleum industry developments.

Next, we needed to identify those who would write the blog posts. Certainly our readers would like to hear a broad cross-section of views and opinions. Who would be better to submit contributions related to the full oil and gas value chain than our instructors, employees, past participants in our management programs, client companies and, you, our blog readers? The invitations went out, and I am delighted to say that our IHRDC Blog Writing Team is now at 30 and growing.

Finally, we needed someone keenly interested in managing the publishing process and Ariel Rapoport, our IHRDC Communicator editor and a recent “Highest Honors” graduate in Economics from Tufts University, stepped forward with a nice smile and said she was ready to go.

So we welcome you to the IHRDC blog and this inaugural blog post. Please share with us your comments and blog topic suggestions below. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or have topic suggestions, please fill out the Contact Us form here. In the meantime, continue to read our blogs and share the site with your friends.

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David Donohue

Dr. David A. T. Donohue is the Founder and President of both IHRDC and Arlington Storage Corporation. Dr. Donohue is a technical specialist, businessman, attorney, and lecturer who is highly regarded for the teaching of management programs devoted to the business of oil and gas. He has successfully designed and taught these “business game” programs to more than 10,000 members of the international oil and gas industry on both in-house and public bases. He was the developer of an innovative video-based learning system for the upstream petroleum industry, which has now been converted to IPIMS, a widely licensed e-Learning system. Dr. Donohue is also the developer and owner of independent underground gas storage facilities in New York State. In his early career he held various positions in engineering and research for Exxon and, for four years, served on the faculty of Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Donohue holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. from Boston College Law School. He is active in public affairs in his hometown, a Distinguished Member of the SPE, and Alumni Fellow of Pennsylvania State University.

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28 comments on “The First Step in a Long Journey
  1. Eduardo Faro Bittencourt says:

    Great idea! Congrats!

  2. Nwoke, Nick says:

    Sir, what is your take on Local content which almost west African countries are embarking on now, and how will it help them move forward with the major Oil and Gas operators?

    My Best regards,

    Nick Nwoke

    One of your west African readers!

    • Dave Donohue Dave Donohue says:

      Hello Nick and thank you for your comment on our blog. Your question happens to be the first, asked a few hours after our launch.

      Our view is that local content regulations, if properly crafted, implemented and monitored, will be important to the development of the economies of West African countries, and there are current examples such as Ghana and Nigeria where the local content initiatives are working.

      The use of local content regulations needs to be looked at in sequence since it takes time to properly develop national capacity. On the low end, it is easy to include local vendors in providing local resources, i.e. labor and basic supplies, but it takes time to develop and transfer more advanced knowledge to create institutional capability which is local in nature and adds value to the economies.

      In the end, progressive organizations will support and encourage local content development, since it ultimately makes them more competitive and is an enabler to grow their business.

  3. khalid says:

    Nice work and wish u the best

  4. Habiba Wakil says:

    A company that does not continuously re-invent itself eventually becomes irrelevant.That obviously is not going to happen to IHRDC! I’m looking forward to yoùr next post.

  5. Carol Sharicz Carol Sharicz says:

    What a great culmination from ten years in the making! Congratulations on the launch of this great blog!

  6. Florida Okunowo, JP (Miss) says:

    Wow! What a timely information-sharing development from IHRDC. I feel greatly honoured that it’s happening at my birthday time 23rd October – what a wonderful birthday gift from a great team led by the ever indefatigable Dr. Dave Donohue. The blog will go a long way in contributing to knowledge acquisition of willing minds in the global Oil and Gas Industry, especially Nigerians! Wishing you the very best of luck in this new endeavour – and a bold step too?

  7. Nuansri says:

    It will be interest.

  8. Sisay says:

    Dear Dave,

    It is a wonderful idea to crack into and meet the demands of the time; the recent slow down in the oil and gas industry significantly frustrates the industry and investors, both existing and potential ones. I believe it is promptly relevant to analyse the situation and breath in life to the entire industry.

    Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

  9. Arome Nakuje says:

    Great idea from the IHRDC Team at connecting with a wider audience through the social media. The industry is evolving with shifts in learning methods and networking; especially by new employees and younger generation in the workplace. I congratulate IHRDC on the new blog, the first post is great and I look forward to more content and industry trends.

  10. Andrew says:

    Fatastic, this is a great opportunity to share our experience.

  11. Dick Plumb says:

    Congratulations on the new blog. I am excited that IHRDC has taken this initiative.

  12. Andrew Etim Ntia says:

    Great work Sir. I will write you later to actually make a request for some technical assistance in our Company.

  13. John says:

    This is very interesting. With time we will know better how it will help others.

  14. AMAN says:

    nice job i like this blog

  15. Radwan Haider says:

    It is a wonderful idea to crack into and meet the demands of the time; the recent slow down in the oil and gas industry significantly frustrates the industry and investors, both existing and potential ones. I believe it is promptly relevant to analyse the situation and breath in life to the entire industry

  16. Bob Pearson Bob Pearson says:

    Good initiative.
    Continuous Career Development in anticipation of the great crew change is going to become even more of a challenge in an environment of unstable and declining international oil and LNG pricing.
    Obviously, OPCOs are going to be challenged to increase the operational efficiency from producing and newly developed assets.

  17. I am going to be reading this blog every week.
    I just read all five posts and i like the crisp writing and topical content.

    Great initiative!

    • Dave,wonderful.IHRDC needs presence in the East Africa region.This is a new frontier in oil and gas.What with discoveries of oil in Uganda South Sudan Kenya etc.It will be sinful if Ihrdc does not per take on this.Congratulations!

  18. douglas juma says:

    Sir, so far kenya has just in three years discovered several blogs and the drilling is going on but still there are importing gas and the processing plant is located far at the port paving way for awilling investor to put up a processing plant of both gas and oil this can boast international and local market and also it will have initiated IHRDC in kenya that will be great this is a business opportunity for IHRDC INTERNATIONAL.

  19. Mohamed says:

    Dear David,
    Congratulations on the launch of this great blog. It sure will be an add to everyone.
    Best of luck!

  20. Jayaraj N says:

    Every long journey and great achievements begin with the first small step. You have stamped your first step very firmly.

    All the best and congratulations!

    Jayaraj. N

  21. Tiamiyu, Badeji says:

    This is a very good opportunity for me to know some bordering issues. what is the role of common wealth nations,OPEC,and other organizations in the oil and gas sector in eradicating poverty in oil producing nations in West Africa.

    Tertiary education in West Africa sub-region is not receiving adequate attention,despite billions of barrels of oil produced from the region in recent time past.

    Sir, globally what is the role assigned Insurance industries even in the ever busy market. Of what good to the third world countries is the oil cartel? .

    Contract staff is the global trend in the oil and gas industries now most especially in African countries. I do hope sincerely, these issues will be addressed.

  22. Aatif Anwar says:

    nice idea i Like it good

  23. Ponchanon Bhattacharyya says:

    Good work. I wish you all the best.
    I’d like to know if you are planning for any geological or geophysical exploration for hydrocarbons in unexplored areas.

  24. IB says:

    Excellent Initiative! For sure this would be very educative and rewarding.
    Congratulations and Well Done!

  25. princess iriele N.C says:

    Well done Dr Donohue, for considering an idea sold to you 10 years ago and coming from an AFRICAN is an applaud to you, the initiative is good, social media is an excellent way to reach out (globally). looking forward for more intent publication on oil and Gas industry as it stands today. Am a participant to one of THE IHRDC COURSES ORGANIZED early this year on Oil and Gas professionals.

  26. Robin RAHARIJAONA says:

    Congratulation for your action.
    I’ll be one of the reader of the posts as I need fresh information in my work as a teacher.

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