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Managing the Invisible Diversity in the Oil and Gas Industry

The workforce challenges faced today by the oil and gas industry’s Human Resources managers are very different from those of the past. The increasing number of women in the today’s workforce brings major new issues that must be handled with

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Oil Price Puts a Hold on Sasol’s Westlake GTL Project

With crude oil prices hovering around $50 – $60 per barrel, Sasol announced on Jan. 28 2015 that they are delaying a final investment decision on their proposed 96,000 bpd GTL Project in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. This GTL project is

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US Monetary Policy, Junk Bonds and the Collapse of the Oil Price

The twin technologies of directional drilling of wells and fracturing rock formations to stimulate recovery of oil and gas are widely known and have been utilized for decades in the industry. It is only relatively recently that these technologies have

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Training Need Not Fall Off a Cliff As It Did In 1986!

It has often been said that a CEO can quickly increase margins and the bottom line by slashing two divisions of a company: Product Development and Training & Development.  This essentially sacrifices the future for the present, but the demands

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US Shale Gas Destined for China?

How is it that US shale gas may end up in China as ethylene and propylene? Several Chinese companies have announced plans to build methanol plants in the US with all or most of the product methanol being transported to

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Easy Money Possible at Cushing!

In the days of high gas prices in the US, 2003-08, many companies made easy money by taking advantage of price swings between the summer and winter months. They would buy low priced “physical” gas in the summer months and

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Launching a New Industry Standard: The SPE Competency Management Tool

The oil and gas industry has focused on building and implementing competency management systems and processes for decades – most notably, following

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Project Management or Change Management?

The objective of most businesses is to deliver a service or produce a product to make a  profit. As competition and the market pressures increase, businesses need to transform and adapt to stay competitive  and continue to operate profitably. The

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Changing Nature and Use of Workforce Competence in the Oil and Gas Industry

Recently I was privileged to represent IHRDC at the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Kuala Lumpur as a co-author of a paper on this topic. “Competence” is the combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitude that an individual must

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Exciting Times for the Queensland Gas Industry

The world’s first coal bed methane (CBM), or coal seam gas (CSG) as it is called in Australia, is the gas source for an LNG facility started-up in late December 2014. The BG Group affiliate, QGC, began loading the first

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