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Managing the Invisible Diversity in the Oil and Gas Industry

The workforce challenges faced today by the oil and gas industry’s Human Resources managers are very different from those of the past. The increasing number of women in the today’s workforce brings major new issues that must be handled with

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Training Need Not Fall Off a Cliff As It Did In 1986!

It has often been said that a CEO can quickly increase margins and the bottom line by slashing two divisions of a company: Product Development and Training & Development.  This essentially sacrifices the future for the present, but the demands

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Changing Nature and Use of Workforce Competence in the Oil and Gas Industry

Recently I was privileged to represent IHRDC at the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Kuala Lumpur as a co-author of a paper on this topic. “Competence” is the combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitude that an individual must

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Oil and Gas Industry Workforce Challenges: Can We Successfully Integrate the Millennials?

Today, the Oil and Gas industry faces major workforce challenges: The immense wave of skilled personnel who will be retiring during the next few years, the so-called “Big Crew Change” or “Silver Tsunami,” will cause major challenges to

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