Month: December 2014

“Get Something Signed!”

CEOs and Government Officials often share a common trait: they are fond of signing ceremonies. Big productions, built around signing a piece of paper, appeal to human nature for the same reason weddings are well attended. It’s a party, and

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Oil and Gas Industry Workforce Challenges: Can We Successfully Integrate the Millennials?

Today, the Oil and Gas industry faces major workforce challenges: The immense wave of skilled personnel who will be retiring during the next few years, the so-called “Big Crew Change” or “Silver Tsunami,” will cause major challenges to

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Are We Trained to Win Community Support in the Fracture Stimulations Debate?

In every impassioned debate there is aseed of truth hidden within the rhetoric from both protagonists. I have been working on Tight Gas Projects for more than 30 years and have assisted with mentoring and training Subsurface Engineers and Planning Teams

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