Amazing New e-Learning Programs for Your Own Development!

I am simply amazed with the new oil and gas e-Learning content that we have added to our offerings recently and I wanted to share them with you for your own consideration. Everyone needs to build their talents on an ongoing basis to keep up to date and some of these may be ideal for you and your associates.

We have added 30 new titles in our Business Essentials Series bring the total to 116 courses. They include 6 new courses in Data Analytics; 7 new courses in IT, including Introduction to Cybersecurity; 2 courses in Logistics, including Supply Chain Management; 15 new programs in Project Management. I am working through Data Analytics as time permits and I find it a great way to inform myself of this new “must learn” decision making process.

In our Operations & Maintenance Series I was delighted to see our addition of 33 new courses devoted to Gas Treatment and Processing. These courses, ideal for operators of gas surface facilities, consist of two forms of learning: Background Fundamentals and Task-Based learning sessions. The Task-Based learning sessions were built by asking a Senior Operations Manager “What does an operator need to know or do with respect to this piece of equipment?” And for each identified task we provide the learning and assessment questions. This series should be widely accepted!

We have now updated 41 major topics our IPIMS Series, devoted to all areas of E&P Technology, and I am really impressed with the scope, learning quality and engagement of the learner in these courses. They are ideal for new learners throughout the world who want to build their technical skills or more senior specialists who want to broaden their knowledge.
For convenience I have asked that these new titles be provided to you as a simple hyperlink. Take a look for yourself by going to our website for a demo ( or to add a single course to your shopping cart, or contact us for more information on how to license all of our 1,500 courses at modest cost for your whole company.

I am making my way through them and it is fascinating. Why not join me three hours per week. You will be glad you did!

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