IHRDC Sees 78% Increase in e-Learning Usage

Global Learning and Development Managers are turning to e-Learning during this time of tight budgets and Covid-19.

IHRDC has seen an explosion in demand worldwide for online learning, with traffic across its platforms increasing by 78% in the first nine months of 2020 versus the same period in 2019.

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Economies across the globe are stalling and there is a demand for social distancing. As a result, L&D organizations have been forced to halt meetings and activities such as training, boot camps, conferences, etc., and to quickly come up with alternative delivery strategies. Organizations that relied on face-to-face methods for training and continuing education in the past now need to consider online methods, such as e-Learning and virtual courses.

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TrainingIndustry.com says “The economic impact from this global health crisis remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the buying behaviors of corporate L&D functions have shifted dramatically in the past few weeks.”

At IHRDC, this new demand is evident—in 2020 we’ve seen a dramatic increase in e-Learning usage and in registrations for our virtual mentored learning (VML) programs. And it is very likely that this trend will continue, even post-pandemic. History has shown that major shifts in society and business occur when unexpected events force widespread experimentation around a new idea. In a recent survey 600 of IHRDC’s virtual learners stated that they expect that 50% of their learning in the future will be virtual.

IHRDC’s vast e-Learning library, VML, virtual courses, and delivery infrastructure make it possible for oil and gas companies to switch quickly and efficiently to industry-specific online learning they can rely upon to meet their training objectives.

Strategic Partnerships

L&D professionals are searching for highly competent training providers, like IHRDC, with the appropriate resources, to solve their immediate training needs.

Research has shown that high-performing training groups are 30% more likely to use external vendors for training delivery. Again from TrainingIndustry.com: “With the considerable interest surrounding virtual learning right now, training professionals need partners who can develop just-in-time solutions to reach a dispersed audience.”

High-performing training groups are 30% more likely to use external vendors for training delivery.

“The business realities of 2020 have created urgent online training needs, and IHRDC predicts that the current rise in online learning programs will continue to be the most cost-efficient and effective learning modalities for corporate and professional training.” says Timothy Donohue, IHRDC VP of e-Learning and Knowledge Solutions.

IHRDC offers immediate solutions to the oil and gas industry’s critical training needs with off-the-shelf and custom-designed programs that help companies manage the current crisis and prepare them to deliver the forms of learning that will become the “new normal.” It is time to forge new partnerships and build lasting solutions.


3 Replies to “IHRDC Sees 78% Increase in e-Learning Usage

  1. merci pour cette illustration , effectivement nous avons constaté que les gens ont fait recours aux différentes applications pour lancer des ateliers et formations en ligne c’est vrai que ça aide a ne pas perdre l’année sans réaliser son programme de formation mais à mon sens , le présentiel reste plus intéressant


    1. Depuis quelques années, IHRDC propose des cours en ligne et des cours virtuels en plus de nos programmes en classe. Bien sûr, 2020 n’a été que des cours en ligne et des cours virtuels, mais je suis heureux de pouvoir partager que nous allons planifier des programmes en classe à partir de septembre 2021!

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