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Exciting Times for the Queensland Gas Industry

The world’s first coal bed methane (CBM), or coal seam gas (CSG) as it is called in Australia, is the gas source for an LNG facility started-up in late December 2014. The BG Group affiliate, QGC, began loading the first

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Are We Trained to Win Community Support in the Fracture Stimulations Debate?

In every impassioned debate there is aseed of truth hidden within the rhetoric from both protagonists. I have been working on Tight Gas Projects for more than 30 years and have assisted with mentoring and training Subsurface Engineers and Planning Teams

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Small Scale GTL Plants Emerge to Convert Low-Priced Natural Gas to High Value Refined Products

There have been some interesting developments in Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) Gas-to-Liquids (GTL technology), especially for resources where the quantity of natural gas available will not support world-scale plants. Both Sasol and Shell have commercialized their respective GTL technologies in large-scale projects;

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